We have sold our BAKIŞGLOSS panels we have completed AR-Ge and trial production. You will be able to access samples and color cartridges of our products which have started to ship to our branches and dealers in a short time from all our stores.

Our BAKIŞGLOSS panels we produce using Acrylic based UV lacquer layers offer scratch resistance up to 4 kata and high UV beam resistance compared to the counterparts containing polyurethane based UV lacquer layers. The UV lacquer layers used are acrylic based; High scratch resistance and UV radiation resistance as well as a surface effect with excellent gloss. This means long-lasting use and the presentation of visual quality together.

1220*2800*18 mm we have thickness and we have 8 mm thickness alternative for BAKIŞGLOSS panels and special thickness option for bulk orders. As a starting point; We offer a total of 27 different color options, including wood and other décor colors that are the most preferred, with 20 adidas consisting of 7 basic plain colors.

We hope that our product, which will be indispensable for all kitchens, bathroom cabinet doors and decoration works with its high strength and rich color choice with Acrylic based UV lacquer layers.

Bakış Gloss On Sale!…