In the course of designing a new kitchen, it is tried to decide for many days the design and the colors of the covers to be used. It is of utmost importance to make the final decision in the cover color selections by seeing the color from the original color chart in order to avoid disappointment in this process which is as tiring as the least renovation.

To make your decision making process easier, it is technically impossible to capture the same image as the original 100%, unfortunately, even if the closest 3D samples are presented to you as printed catalogs or digital media visuals. It should be noted that these images are only helpful items to facilitate your decision-making process. This is not a problem for smooth colors, but it can cause the difference in mixed-pattern items to increase.


So if you have an idea about color by choosing the front color from our printed catalogs or digital catalogs, then you will definitely be able to see your final decision by seeing it from the original color chart.

The Importance of Color Selection from the Color Cards